What is P4C?
Philosophy for Children (P4C) is a powerful pedagogy which has positive cognitive and social impact on
children and schools. It is centred on philosophical enquiry, in which a trained teacher encourages
children to think and reason as a group. P4C is practised in 60 countries world wide.In the UK it is built
on over 20 years' experience since it was launched by SAPERE in 1992.
What is SAPERE?
SAPERE is a registered charity based near oxford.  Our role is to:
promote Philosophy for Children in the UK
develop and deliver validated training courses
support a national community of teachers, trainers and schools
manage projects to deliver Philosophy for Children
collate and publicise research into benefits of Philosophy for Children
What is this web-site all about?
It provides on-line support for SAPERE's P4C training courses:
reading materials
coursework elements
assignment support
discussion forums for SAPERE groups